General terms of sale

Extract of general terms of sale for foreign countries

Orders from foreign countries are VAT-exempt. In case of extra-EU countries a custom bill with exit visa is needed for VAT-exemption.

euro 500.00, except for clients with ongoing orders with a total amount higher than euro 500.00.
In case of orders with an amount lower than euro 500.00, the customer will be charged with a 20.00 euro contribution for “order management expenses”.

TERMS OF DELIVERYPrices are intended Ex Works, according to Incoterms 2010. Any different request (e.g. DAP) and eventual surcharges will be evaluated by Abraon from time to time.

In cardboard boxes included in the sale price, or in any other packaging suitable for avoiding damages or deterioration of the goods. If the goods are delivered on pallets, a fee will be chargedfor each pallet: euro 12.50 for pallet sized 120×80 cm or 120×100 cm (fumigated or not), euro 18.70 for pallet sized 150×80 cm.

Shared charges.

Payments are considered valid only if effected directly to our head offices in Oderzo and made in advance by Swift transfer.

Any claim for non-compliant products must be notified in writing to Abraon within 8 days from the receipt of the goods (1 year in case of hidden defects); the claim should be completed by detailed description and photographic evidence.

Any claim for wrong items or quantities differing from the purchase order must be notified in writing to Abraon within 3 days from the receipt of the goods.

If the claim will be approved and justified by Abraon, the company will evaluate the proper solution for each case: an adequate discount on the amount of the invoice of the relative order, the replacing of nonconforming products or wrong items, the termination of the contract, the return of the exceeded quantities to Abraon (with delivery terms to be preventively agreed) or an adequate discount on the amount of the invoice of the relative order.

It is understood that returns will be accepted only in original and complete packs, and only with prior approval in writing by Abraon.

Abraon only guarantees that the products are manufactured with care, according to their technical specifications and in compliance with the quality standards set for the product category. Abraon disclaims any liability and makes no warranties regarding the suitability of the products for a specific intent or purpose pursued by the customer. In any case, Abraon will not be liable for any defect and/or damage caused to the products by acts of God or other external causes, or in case the customer has arranged or fulfilled:

• inappropriate testing procedures;
• incorrect or improper use and/or use not in accordance with the instructions by Abraon;
• improper trasports and/or storage;
• use of the products by unauthorized personnel.

Similarly Abraon assumes no liability for damages suffered by the end customer because of non-fulfillments attributable to the direct customer.

Abraon will not be liable for failed or not proper fulfillment of the obligations related to the order and/or to these general terms of sale, and the customer shall not be entitled to request the cancellation of the order and/or compensation for damages, if you were to check one or more of the following causes:

• acts of God such as, merely by way of example and in no way exhaustive, fire, flood, strikes or demonstrations, failure or delay in supply of materials, breakdown of transports, default or insolvency of subjects appointed in any capacity to provide works or services to Abraon;

• restrictions of driving and of consumption of certain products arranged by any governmental, civil or military authority, though not national;
• actions, omissions or defaults of the customer himself.

It is expressly excluded any liability of Abraon for indirect damage, loss of image, loss of earnings, loss of profits, loss of business, or for any indirect consequence of defects of the products.

Abraon will respond in no case for lack of performance of the products produced.

These general terms of sale can be modified by Abraon simply through a written communication.
For further information please contact Abraon Customer Service.